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Retirement Services

As a Canadian employer you know that government security programs may not provide enough for you to retire on. 
A robust retirement program, backed by secure partners is the key to attracting and retaining top employees in today’s marketplace.  Whether you are looking for a program for your credit union or are a commercial client of a credit union,
CUMIS delivers significant value to your organization and your employees with group retirement solutions.
Our programs feature flexible, tax-effective, and cost-efficient retirement savings plans with customized educational programs that respond to the needs of your credit union or business and your employees.

Solutions include

  • Group RRSP’s
  • Deferred profit sharing plans
  • Defined contribution pension plans
  • Defined benefit pension plans
  • Individual pension plans
  • Investment only plans
  • Supplemental employee retirement plans
  • Group tax-free savings accounts

Core services include

  • Complete plan setup, administration, recordkeeping, investment services, employee education and plan sponsor support
  • Selection of diversified, investment products; including strategic alliances with eight fund managers with access to over 48 investment funds. Selection may be customized per client based on specific requirements  
  • Customized educational material and employee sessions 
  • Website and call centre services
  • Support for the plan sponsor for plan reviews and compliance with national regulator guidelines

Investment Products
The investment funds available through your plan are managed by experienced, professional investment managers.
Performance Comparison
Past performance is one key indicator on how well a fund manager's philosophies have worked in the past.
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