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The CUMIS Life Term 100 insurance plan provides superior life insurance protection at affordable rates. With benefits that are unique to the market, CUMIS Term 100 can be used to effectively meet needs such as income replacement, estate planning and final expenses.
With CUMIS Term 100 insurance in your portfolio, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the personal protection needs of you and your family are being met today and well into the future.
By planning ahead using CUMIS Term 100 insurance, you are providing a cost effective way to protect your assets and maintain your well being should you be required to move to a nursing home.


  • Asset and estate protection
  • Protection against capital gains tax
  • Protection for your family, so they may maintain the lifestyle you've worked so hard to build


  • Coverage amounts range from $25,000 to $10 million
  • Coverage is permanent
  • CUMIS Term 100 may be purchased between the ages of 25 and 80 (on an age at last birthday basis)
  • Premiums are payable up to age 100, and your rate is guaranteed for the life of the policy
  • 30 day 'free look' period

Other Unique Features & Options:

    Nursing Home Benefit

At CUMIS Life Insurance Company, we believe that financial limitations should never be a barrier to accessing quality nursing home care. That is why we have designed a special Nursing Home Benefit that is a standard feature included with your CUMIS Term 100 insurance policy (Joint-Last-to-Die plans excepted).
With this benefit, you may rest assured that if your future includes a period of time in a licenced nursing home facility, you may access your policy benefit to supplement your nursing home expenses – relieving your loved ones of the financial burden that could be too heavy for them to carry alone.
With CUMIS Term 100, you will receive up to $3,000 per month (to a maximum of 50 per cent of your coverage amount, or $125,000) to supplement the cost of your nursing home stay, keeping you in control of where and how you live.

Free Legal Fee Benefit

Upon death, situations involving the settlement of an estate will usually require the services of a professional. To assist, the CUMIS Term 100 policy provides your family with up to $1,000 toward the cost of legal fees that the beneficiary may incur.

Survivorship Benefit

In joint life cases where a life insured’s death occurs at an early age, the joint life insured may have to use death benefits to cover expenses such as childcare and mortgage payments – leaving little behind for heirs. This benefit, available only with joint first-to-die coverage, provides the surviving life insured the option to purchase their own single CUMIS Term 100 policy within 90 days of the death of the joint life insured, without having to meet any underwriting requirements.

Extra Death Benefit

Available only on joint first-to-die coverage, this benefit pays an additional 25 per cent of the death benefit if one joint life insured dies of any cause within 120 days of the death of the other joint life insured. 

20 Pay Option

CUMIS Term 100 is also sold on a fully guaranteed, 20 pay basis. This limited pay option is available only on single life coverage, and it is designed for the consumer who wants to pay for insurance over a short period of time. Reduced paid up benefits are available if you terminate your policy at certain durations.

To obtain a quotation on a CUMIS product, please contact:


CUMIS TeleLife at 1-800-263-9120 or email us at

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time).