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When making a claim, we recommend you take the following steps to ensure the process is as efficient as possible.

It is essential to review your policy and verify whether you are covered for the type of loss you have suffered.

Once determined, you will need to gather details about the incident.


An Insurance Adjuster will be assigned to handle your claim. He/she will gather information to determine the cause and extent of the loss you have suffered. 

Who do I contact when I need to make a claim?


You can contact us at 1.800.810.2847 and follow the prompts for claims. We are available
24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, anywhere in North America.

What documentation is required to make a claim?

Original invoices, photographs, appraisals, guarantees, warranties and a police report
number all help to document a claim.

What is the length of time available to make a claim?

Under terms of the policy, a loss report must be made immediately. This gives the claims
department enough time to properly investigate the claim. There is an expiration date of
one year from the time of loss in all provinces except Manitoba and Yukon Territory, which
allow two years to make a claim.

What is the Claims Guarantee?

The Claims Guarantee is a promise of service and commitment to fairness. It is a series of
points that covers property and casualty insurance products for you.

Although the guarantee covers several areas (see below), the intent is to ensure that you
feel comfortable contacting us when you have a potential claims situation. You can discuss
your options and get counseling without fear of consequences if you decide not to proceed.

Benefits of the guarantee include:

  • 24-hour, seven-days-a-week claims service
  • No premium increases for client-paid claims
  • Free claims advocacy
  • Access to our claims appeal process
  • Preferred repair and replacement contractors with guaranteed service
  • Free additional advice and expertise for incidents that are not covered

    * Some conditions apply.  

For additional information about making a claim with CUMIS, please check out our Just The Facts booklet.