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Community Investments Criteria

To request support for your community organization, please complete the request form.
We will carefully review each request and decide whether we can support it. Because of the number of requests we receive, only the organizations we select to support will be contacted.
If you have any questions regarding the CUMIS Community Investment  Programs, please contact our Sustainability and Citizenship department, via e-mail.
CUMIS will consider funding projects/organizations that fall within the criteria below. 
  • Non-profits, registered charities, co-operatives and social enterprises

  • Projects or programs that take place in Canadian communities where CUMIS has a business presence

  • Has the ability to have significant impact in the community

  • Aligns with one of three priority areas

    • Environmental sustainability – protecting our communities

      As a co-operative insurance provider, we know the degradation of our natural environment is a serious problem that impacts our health, our homes, our businesses and our communities.  We are committed to working with our stakeholders to find solutions to these issues, to decrease our negative impact and support the creation of more resilient communities for generations to come.

    • Economic Sustainability – building a co-operative economy

      We understand that values-based organizations have an important role in creating a just and sustainable economy. We are committed to supporting the growth of co-operatives, social enterprises and strengthening the charitable non-profit sector in order to build a community-focused, values-based economy that will contribute to a more inclusive and resilient society.

    • Social Sustainability – creating a resilient, safe, and healthy future

      As a co-operative insurance provider, we seek that all individuals in our communities have the opportunity to lead healthy, safe and secure lives. We are committed to helping individuals protect their assets through financial planning and to supporting programs that promote individual health and safety and contribute to more resilient communities.

      Priority will be given to:
      • Mental Health/Wellness
      • Improving access to healthcare, diagnostics and treatments
      • Illness and disease prevention
      • Health and wellness education

Not Eligible for Support

·         Political parties or affiliated activities
·         Religious organizations and/or activities, unless there is clear benefit to entire community
·         Individual pursuits
·         Deficit funding
·         Retroactive funding
·         Private (fee based) elementary or secondary schools
·         For-profit conferences, events or golf tournaments
·         Advertising or promotional campaigns
·         Travel-related events, including student trips or tours
·         Private foundations
·         Tobacco production or distribution
·         Liquor production, distribution or handling
·         Amateur or elite sports teams or events
·         Charities focused on animals