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Company Profile

Credit Unions and CUMIS go back a long way

As a matter of fact, we share a common bond, which was fostered in the early days of credit union existence.

It was the “Lesson of the Lineman” − the tragic death of a power company lineman, a Credit Union member, who borrowed $250 just two days before his fatal accident − that taught Credit Union pioneers the need for insurance protection in their operations.

Out of a sense of obligation and loyalty to their fallen friend, two other linemen, who were co-makers of the loan, paid it out of their own limited savings.

This tragedy triggered the creation of the CUNA Mutual Insurance Society in 1935 to serve the needs of North American Credit Unions. Its Canadian arm became CUMIS – the Credit Union Members Insurance Society.​

Credit Union is in our name. You are why we exist.


Together, we are stronger

All our alliances are based on mutual respect, trust, transparency, and shared values. 

We are firmly committed to forging close, enduring and strategic partnerships with all our Credit Union partners. Wherever you are across Canada, you have access to a dedicated relationship management team, which draws on its rich experience of serving approximately 375 credit unions with more than five million members.

We offer consultative solutions; not commodified products

Our comprehensive portfolio of insurance, retirement and wealth management solutions is tailored specifically to cater to Credit Union needs. 

We understand you need to deliver consistent business and branch processes. Our integrated technology solutions are designed to work with your systems and infrastructure, and provide convenient, consolidated and monthly statements and reporting tools to drive member satisfaction. 

In addition, we offer custom learning solutions designed to meet your insurance strategy and preferred delivery format.

We treat your members like you’d treat them

Achieving your business goals and enhancing your members’ satisfaction is as much our focus as it is yours. By building your employees’ knowledge and capabilities, we work in tandem to enhance member experience. We take great pride in our proactive approach to claims management, which sets us apart from our competitors. To simplify the claims process and speed up turnaround times, we look for ways to pay the claim for your Credit Union and members. We even go a step further. We offer a review panel, comprised of volunteer clients (people just like you), to help resolve any concerns or complaints. 

Responding to your members’ questions quickly and effectively is utterly important to us. Our Client Service Centre successfully handles more than 10,000 calls per month.

Your success defines ours

Through strategic consultation and rigorous goal setting, we stay focused on programs that reduce risk, enhance revenue, and help maintain your competitive advantage. We work with you to deliver on your retirement and insurance strategies, grow and protect your business, and offer financial security to your members.

We share the same cooperative vision and values

Our values align with those of the Canadian co-operative and Credit Union system. Just like you, we are committed to making a difference in Canadian communities by investing in the development of environmental, economic, and social sustainability.