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Life Insurance Direct Marketing Program

The following information is required for your particpation in this year's Spring and/or Fall Direct Marketing Campaigns.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Noel MacLean, Direct Marketing Specialist, at:

STEP 1:  Credit Union Information
Credit Union Name1: Contact Name2:
Email3: Phone Number & Ext.3:
Sponsor Name4: Sponsor Title4:

1. as to appear on the letter
2. person to reach for campaign materials
3. contact person at credit union
4. signature of person signing letter from your credit union

STEP 2:  Campaign Participation (You can make multiple selections)(Some campaigns are available Spring and/or Fall)
Accidental Death Acquisition
Accidental Death Conversion
(converting an existing free policyholder to a paid)
Accidental Death Upgrade
(up-sell to existing policyholders)
Hospital Accident Plan Insurance
(cross-sell to existing Accidental Death policyholders)

Click here for Product and Campaign details

STEP 3:  Auto-billing
I would like to utilize the auto-billing feature* to make it more convenient for members to enroll
* member account info must be provided in data

Click here for what member account information is needed.

Click here for more information on Auto-billing.

STEP 4:  Credit Union Logo and Sponsor Signature files*
Please use my most recent logo from previous campaigns
Please use my most recent signature from previous campaigns

If we don't have your most recent logo and/or signature on file, please submit your file(s) by clicking the browse button below and locating your file(s) on your computer.

The total size of all files cannot exceed 10MB.

Click 'Add attachment' below if you have more than one file to upload at this time.
Add attachment
STEP 5:  Comments (optional)